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Jul 30, 2016
Jul 25, 2016
Extention of an RNN
Jul 20, 2016
Extention of an RNN
Jul 16, 2016
Introduction to RNN
Jun 04, 2016
Using CMake CLI, NuGet and Visual Studio 2015.
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Apps & Projects

A curated list of resources dedicated to Natural Language Processing.
A new programming language with Korean military syntax.
Node.js, MongoDB
A community dedicated to making fun of the violent protestors in Korea.
Node.js, MySQL
An interview simulator
Node.js, JQuery
Listen to Your Favorite Korean Music On-the-Go
Arduino, C++, Node.js
A Rocket base program using Arduino + Node.js +
Source code of my blog. Built with Jekyll.
Python, Flask
A simple web API wrapper around Mecab Korean natural language processing POS tagger.
Self, Learning
Why me? I am my biggest project. I know that I, as a project, will never be completed. And I want to constantly be learning and growing.
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Open Source Contributions

Machine Learning, C++
A scalable machine learning library, written in C++, that aims to provide fast, extensible implementations of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.
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