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Using CMake CLI, NuGet and Visual Studio 2015
I finished two projects!
3rd Place!
Cheerio is an awesome tool for web scraping with Node.js
Cheerio is an awesome tool for web scraping with Node.js
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Things I am Working On

Deep Coding Project
Natura language to source code generation.
TextAI Project
A deep learning web service.
RL Code
I am trying to contribute to a book written by Woongwon Lee and translate it into English. If interested, please refer to

Apps & Projects

A curated list of resources dedicated to Natural Language Processing.
A new programming language with Korean military syntax.
Node.js, MongoDB
A community dedicated to making fun of the violent protestors in Korea.
Node.js, MySQL
An interview simulator
Node.js, JQuery
Listen to Your Favorite Korean Music On-the-Go
Arduino, C++, Node.js
A Rocket base program using Arduino + Node.js +
Python, Flask
A simple web API wrapper around Mecab Korean natural language processing POS tagger.
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Open Source Contributions

Machine Learning, C++
A scalable machine learning library, written in C++, that aims to provide fast, extensible implementations of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.
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